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This weekend, the hubby and I went to one of our local grocery stores to snag some sweet deals.  Mainly, we were there to stock up on cereal and chicken.  Weird combination, right?  We go through both of these items A LOT.  With the first of the month approaching, we spent the drive home renewing our vows to eat out less, make better use of our groceries, and to generally be satisfied with our lot in life for the month.  Upon arriving at home, instead of lounging about (which is what Sunday afternoons are intended for), I decided we should inventory our cabinets.  I figured that this would help us to know what meals we have the ingredients for, what we have doubles of, etc. 

And that’s when it hit me.  The cold hard truth staring back at me from behind oak doors. 

My name is Autumn and I’m a grocery-holic. 

It’s true!  I confess!  Just as some women have closets full of new clothes and accessories, price-tags dangling, beckoning with the promise of a new look, another compliment, I have a kitchen full of ingredients and gadgets that called to me from the grocery store shelf. 

“You know how good that risotto looked on the Food Network.  One box of arborio rice never hurt anyone, did it?”

Yep, I told myself I could stop at any time, but by the looks of my cabinets, I’ve got a real problem. 

Alright.  Maybe I’m exaggerating.  But if so, only slightly!  I really did have lots of random ingredients.  Many with doubles and triples.  And several I remember staring at me from the cabinets in our last apartment (so they haven’t been used in six months).  So, to curb my habit, save some money, and experience long anticipated culinary delights, I’m challenging myself for the month of September.

Here are the terms:

1. To start out, I’m borrowing my friend Beth’s meal idea.  Now that we have an inventory (my hubby is make me an awesome spreadsheet today.  by cabinet.), we can just make a list of all the meals we have the ingredients to make.

2. Next, the challenge will be to only cook meals that we currently have the ingredients for until October.  Hopefully, this will help us to determine which meals we really enjoy, which ones were a miss, and which ones we’d really like to try (because let’s face it, I will shop again).

3. There are some exceptions to this.  I’m allotting $20 a week for perishable items (e.g. produce, bread, milk).  IF there happens to be money left out of this $20 and we both agree on the item, I can purchase additional ingredients.

4. I’ll try to post recipes that I’ve been wanting to try out (and have the ingredients for) here.  I’ll also try to post a report every few days on how things are going.

5. By the way, we will still be eating out occasionally but hope to stay well within our budget!

Alright, well I hope you will all be cheering me on!

Bon Appetit!


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