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First, let’s note that I use the word “foodies” very loosely…

Food is definitely not a full-time job for me, but do I delight when my new issue of Bon Appetit comes in the mail? 
Oh yes.

Do I regularly (weekly–if not daily) persue recipe websites?
Who doesn’t?

Did I dance I jig when I found a Mitford cookbook in the clearance bin at Borders?
Well, a small one.

And did I recruit a bunch of my friends to see Julie & Julia on opening night?
Who wouldn’t?
(for the record, it met all my expectations…cooking and blogging–hard to beat)

By now you can imagine my excitement at the launching of a new recipe website. In addition to All Recipes, Tastespotting, and CakeWrecks (okay, so it’s not a recipe website, but I love it!), you’ll now see Tasty Kitchen listed among my favorite recipe sites.

Tasty Kitchen was recently launched by the author of Pioneer Woman. I have to give credit where credit is due and let you know that my dear friend Mara originally told me about this site. Ree’s (the Pioneer Woman) sites include a blog, a cooking demo/recipe page, a photography page, and even a homeschooling page! Tasty Kitchen is her latest endeavor and after only three weeks, it has received over 3200 recipe submissions.

Two weeks ago, Jensen and I tried out her Hot & Sweet Drumsticks recipe and it’s definitely staying in the rotation.  I’ve already spotted several others I intend to try out.

So for those of you who enjoy finding new recipes as much as I do, dig in!


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